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Sarah Oakley: Personal Trainer

My own fitness journey is what drove me to take the leap to becoming a Personal Trainer. I was working in the oil field. The long days, stress, and lifestyle started to take its toll on me. My joints were aching, the weight was piling on quickly, and my mental state was in shambles. That’s when I turned to fitness, I hired a trainer to help me hit the ground running and I haven’t stopped. Physical fitness, health, and wellbeing quickly became a passion of mine. Now I put all my experience and my Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Certification to work helping other people get themselves back too. Whether its working out with me in the gym, having a program to do on your own, or a mixture of both. I tailor all plans to fit your goals, fitness level, schedule, and available equipment so that you can stay motivated and be successful.

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Paige Nicole Fitness: Personal Trainer

I grew up playing various sports (mostly hockey) but was always a chubby kid. I had just accepted that it was genetics or whatever excuse I could think of. My own fitness journey is what got me passionate about fitness and interested in personal training. I started out by simply going to the gym more routinely, then I got my own trainer and in a little over a year I had lost 55 pounds. And it wasn’t just the weight, I was saving money, I felt better, slept better, and just made better life choices. This feeling is what got me addicted, and I wanted to share it with other people. So I went to school for personal training, got my diploma and ACE Certification, and didn’t stop there. I pass my free time by taking additional courses to strengthen my training knowledge. I specialize in weight loss, sports performance, pre/postnatal, and group training. I spend my hockey season training the PAC Saints minor hockey teams, I also train clients out of their home gyms and now I am available to you at Chop Shop Physiques!

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Lisa Macintyre: Personal Trainer

Ayurveda Yoga teaches how to keep the physical body healthy. This practice, through different poses can stimulate muscles and release tension in the body. This yoga practice can be used As a form of exercise or relaxation. It examines the physical constitution and emotional nature. Ayurvedic exercise is ideal for rejuvenation of the body, improving digestion and removing stress. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to healthcare that helps people live a balanced life. About Lisa Macintyre: I have been a body builder for 20 years, I love the industry and the energy! I have been training and coaching people to live a better, healthier quality of life. I competed in 2004, and 2005. I achieved top 10 both times out of 65 girl in figure. Muscle and strength intrigues me, and I love to experience others transform their life style. For the last 5 years I have studied and practiced yoga. This last year I discovered ayurvedic yoga and took my training at sacred seed yoga. Through this practice people can connect the body, mind and spirit.

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Personal trainer: Tara Gaspe

I started playing sports at the age of nine, which spawned a life long love of physical fitness. From competitive soccer and ringette, to rugby, long distance running and most recently obstacle course racing (where I represented Canada at the 2017 World Championships), I have developed a wide range of skills and experiences which I draw upon to help my clients find their own passion for health and well-being. With a Bachelor's Degree in psychology, coupled with my certifications in Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction, I love to work with a wide array of clientele. So whether you are just starting out, looking to lose weight, tone up or train for a specific sport or agility training, I would love to be apart of your journey.

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3D Fitness Training & Coaching: Jordi Cocks

Jordi grew up trying different sports as a kid and found a love of Figure Skating at a young age. As she progressed through the skating world & began coaching she realized her passion for teaching others. She continued to work in the community in various sport related jobs and decided to begin her certification in Group Fitness. She is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Jordi has been training clients for 4 years and loves working on client-centered programs for people to reach their individual goals. Her business focus for, 3D Fitness Training & Coaching is that training and coaching is multi dimensional. Jordi’s programs will keep you progressively challenged & motivated. She will keep you accountable and give you the tools you need to be successful in reaching your goals.

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AG Strength and Conditioning: Andrew Greenidge

Growing up I was involved in many different competitive sports and recreational activities including hockey, volleyball and basketball. In high school I started to get into the gym and work a bit on my fitness however it was not until university that I started to love lifting. In 2017 I joined a powerlifting team in Edmonton and won gold medals in my first two meets. In May 2018 I was invited to the Canadian Elite Championships for 100% Raw Federation and finished with a 3rd place bronze making me 3/3 medaling in all competitions I have entered so far. In June 2018 I decided to expand and grow my business rebranding my personal training to AG Strength and Conditioning. AG Strength and Conditioning runs on 3 main pillars. The first pillar is to Always Grow. By working together my plan is to help you grow as an individual, not only in the realm of fitness but also in everyday life. The second is to Attain Goals. Through exercise, nutritional guidance and an endless amount of communication with me, my goal is to help you reach your personal goals. The third and final pillar is to Achieve Greatness which is the motto of the company. Through the willingness to grow and attaining your goals you will achieve greatness on a personal level. Accomplishing feats and goals puts a sense of pride into an individual and my goal is to have you feeling as proud as possible by aiding you toward conquering those goals.

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