August 01, 2018

Staying on track over the long weekend

By: Lucas Jensen

It’s looking like this long weekend is going to be one of the nicest ones this summer, and I’m sure your health and fitness program is not exactly at the forefront of your minds as it is fast approaching. I mean, is it even possible to stay on track and still enjoy your summer, let alone long weekends! Well it might not be realistic to stick to your plan to a tee, there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t fall to far off track! The main area that usually falls to the way side during the long weekend is diet. Especially if your off camping or maybe headed out of town for the weekend, so I think that is the best place to start! You just got to the camp site, all the tents are set up (or if your fancy enough the trailer is parked and leveled), and now if time to start whipping up supper. If your like most of us when heading out camping, you’ve stocked the cooler with meat, white buns, and booze. Now I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that where the whole problem starts! You need to put a little though into what you put in your cooler for the weekend so you don’t use lack of availability as an excuse to eat garbage all weekend (even if it is delicious garbage). Your going to need lots of veggies, think pre cut up veggie trays, as well as veggies you can cook on a fire grate or BBQ. Zucchini, egg plant, sweet potatoes these are all thing you can just cut in half and grill without any more preparation than a hotdog. Next lets think about the meats your packing. We all love those cheddar stuffed smokies and bacon cheese burgers, but maybe we could pick some leaner meats with healthier fats for once? Salmon, Chick breast, lean cuts of steak all great options that wont through your diet off course and you won’t need to wrap in simple carbs (buns, ketchup) to enjoy! If you do end up having a burger or hotdog night, grab some thin whole wheat buns and leave out the ketchup and mayo and stick with just mustard. Ketchup is high in sugar, mayo is high in saturated fats and mustard is almost calorie free! Now I’m sure for some of us our liquid diet is more of a concern over the long weekend than the food. So lets talk about those alcoholic beverages we all like to indulge in form time to time. First off the hard ice teas, coolers, sweet drinks in general… just stay away from them! That being said I guess I should give you some options of what you can do to minimize the effects of drinking over the weekend because we both know for most of you its going to happen either way! Mix your own drinks, stick to 1oz. of hard alcohol per mix, pick things with low or no sugar to mix with (soda water and lime juice) and press your drinks if you do use sugar filled mixes (add at least 2oz. of water to each drink). Other than that just limit your intake! I’m not going to depress you by getting into the negative effect alcohol can have on your fitness program but just know that it does more than just add extra calories, so pace yourself and don’t over do it! Lastly, we need to talk about how to stay active over the weekend! Now some of you maybe hardcore fitness advocates that are heading out of a 3-day hiking trail over the weekend, but this article is more for the fitness enthusiast who plans on cutting loose over the weekend! So my personal approach to staying active on these kinds of weekend is the same as my approach to everyday life, rise and grind! As soon as your feet hit the ground, before you make coffee or start breakfast get in a quick 30 minute run, do some body weight exercises and stretch out. Before the rest of the family is up and on the go you can have all that out of the way so all that left is to enjoy the sun and the time with the family. Another approach, if you want to get the whole family involved, is to make an afternoon out of it. Instead of just sitting around in camping chairs throwing darts at beer cans, go for a half hour walk around the camp site, go to the beach and swim some laps in the lake instead of just sitting in the sand, play a game of soccer with the kids. Basically just make sure you try to move, make and effort for an hour out of the day and then you can relax! Keeping all this in mind I hope everyone has a fun and safe long weekend and summer of adventures! Remember we are closed Saturdays and Mondays on long weekend, if you need to get in touch just send us a message from the website or facebook and we will get back to you as soon as possible!